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Maytag, Amana & Sub Zero Fridge Repairs in London

Large size American fridge freezers have been popular here in the UK for many years now. Their effortless good looks combined with their practical capacity makes these eye-catching appliances a common feature of many modern kitchens. When it comes to American style appliances, nobody does it better than Maytag, Subzero and Amana. Made in the US, these high end brands are the pinnacle of excellence when it comes to high quality domestic refrigeration units.

With sleek, beautiful looks, high tech components and a build quality designed to last, an investment in one of these top brands for your kitchen is going to be money well spent. However, many householders don’t realise that these high end appliances require a specialist engineer to service, maintain and repair them.

This is where DC Fridge Repairs comes in, as we provide outstanding Maytag, Amana and Subzero fridge repair in London and the surrounding areas, helping you take better care of your appliance. All our work is carried out by our fully trained engineers, using genuine parts, and is guaranteed for 6 months. Call us today to discuss your Maytag, Amana or Subzero repairs, or read on to discover more about what we do.

How can we help you?

DC provide a comprehensive Maytag fridge repair service and also work on the other most popular makes of American fridge freezers: Amana and Subzero. These high tech appliances require a specialist touch, and should only be worked on by experienced, manufacturer trained engineers, such as our team here at DC Fridge Repairs. We’re here to help you with all common problems, including:
  • Water leaks, either inside or outside the appliance
  • Appliances which are failing to keep food and drinks cold
  • Water or ice dispensers which no longer work
  • Unacceptable build-up of freezer frost
  • Problems with displays, door hinges and handles
  • Perished door seals
  • Overly noisy appliance operation
  • And much more
No matter what problems you might be having with your Maytag, Subzero or Amana fridge freezer, our team are on hand to help get you up and running again. Our aim is to get your appliance up and running again as fast as possible, while providing a professional service at a fair and great value price.
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Our services

You can call upon DC Fridge Repair to help with any high end Maytag, Amana or Subzero appliance. Talk to us if you need:
  • A Maytag fridge repair in London or the surrounding area
  • Help with your Amana fridge repair or service
  • Professional Subzero engineers to help with your appliance
  • Emergency Amana / Subzero / Maytag repairs
  • Regular maintenance on any of these types of appliances
Talk to DC Fridge Repairs today about your chosen appliance, and see for yourself why we’re fast becoming London’s number one choice for Amana / Subzero / Maytag repairs, maintenance and servicing.

Where we work

Based in London, DC Fridge Repair can undertake Maytag, Amana and Subzero repairs throughout the Central London area. We’re happy to take calls from those in Greater London, and, if needs be, from further afield such as Surrey, Sussex and beyond. The closer you are, the faster we can get to you, but if you’re a little out of our immediate area and need our specialist help, don’t be put off from calling us too.

Why choose us?

We aim to provide a highly tailored, specialist service to all our customers, one that they can rely on to meet their needs every time. We only work with premium brands of appliances, which means we can offer a superior service for Maytag, Amana and Subzero fridge repair in London and the surrounding areas. When you choose to work with DC Fridge Repairs, you can be confident that you’ll be getting:
  • Specialised skills in Subzero, Maytag and Amana fridge repair
  • Manufacturer trained Amana, Maytag and Subzero engineers
  • Skills all backed up with many years of experience
  • A fast, efficient service with a same day call out wherever possible
  • A technician with spare parts on board, aiming for a first visit fix wherever possible
  • A great value for money service with transparent pricing structure
  • Professional work carried out to the highest standards, and guaranteed for six months
Our service aims to be faster, more efficient and more cost effective than going to the manufacturer direct. Because we fix more fridges on our very first visit, we’ll have your appliance up and running in no time, saving your time, your money and your food from being wasted.

What you need to know about taking care of high end American fridge freezers

American style fridge freezers always command a somewhat bigger capital investment than smaller, under counter or freestanding models. If you’re the proud owner of an Amana, Subzero or Maytag appliance, we can already see that you’ve done your research and opted to buy the best. Amana, Subzero and Maytag fridge freezers tend to command much higher prices than the Japanese or Korean manufactured appliances, and for good reason too. Made in America, all these brands place a high emphasis on the quality of the materials used to build their fridge freezers, as well as using innovative designs and high tech components for a longer lasting device. Many home appliances today come with inbuilt obsolescence; that is to say, they are designed to wear out, to break and to become too expensive to repair after a period of time, forcing the consumer to abandon their investment and seek a brand new appliance instead. Not so with these American brands, however.

Keeping things working efficiently

Keeping our bills at an affordable level is a high priority for many of us, and none quite so much as the dreaded gas and electricity bill. If it seems your suppliers are hiking their prices year after year, you’d be right. The cost of gas and electricity has more than doubled in the last decade, leaving many families wondering what they can do to avoid wasting energy in the home. When it comes to your lovely big American fridge freezer, it’s important to keep on top of maintenance and servicing if you don’t want it to become an energy hog. Simple routine checks for things like leaky seals, furred up rear vents and excessive frosting can all go a long way to keeping your appliance running at it’s very most efficient. DC Fridge repairs can carry out all types of Maytag, Subzero and Amana service, following the prescribed annual inspection process as dictated by the manufactures themselves. We also find that an annual Maytag, Subzero and Amana service schedule gives us the opportunity to check for any minor faults, and to replace any parts which are becoming worn before they cause a more expensive problem later on. Protecting your investment and saving you money: That’s what DC Fridge Repairs are all about

Looking after your investment

Fridge freezers made by Amana, Subzero and Maytag were always designed to last a lot longer. As a minimum, they are expected to endure at least a decade of everyday use, and with the right care, attention and maintenance, there is no reason that one of these US heavyweights shouldn’t last a whole lot longer. DC Fridge Repair are in the business of looking after your investment, by providing the specialist care and attention these top end appliances really do need. From fault finding and diagnostics through to routine maintenance and specialist Maytag, Subzero and Amana repairs, we want you to enjoy your grand fridge freezer for as long as you possibly can.

Emergency Amana, Maytag and Subzero fridge repair

Coming home to a malfunctioning appliance is never a pleasant experience. If you, like so many families in the UK today, do your ‘big shop’ on the weekend, you could have hundreds of pounds’ worth of food in danger of spoiling if you don’t get your appliance fixed soon. Here at DC Fridge Repair, we know just how perplexing it can be to suddenly lose the use of your appliance unexpectedly, which is why we aim to offer a fast response Amana fridge freezer repair service to get you back on your feet in no time. We’re here to take your call when you need us, so if you’re having a problem and need a response fast, call us now and we’ll do our very best to help. All our Amana, Maytag and Subzero fridge repair engineers are fully equipped with a stock of the most common parts and replacement components for popular models of fridges and freezers. This means that many faults can be fixed on the very first visit, minimising disruption to you and downtime for your appliance. When you need Maytag, Subzero or Amana fridge freezer repair done fast, you can count on DC Fridge Repairs to be there when you need us.

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